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unnamed unnamed

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Meticulous but a bit flawed

I'm not a big fan of "hyperrealism," but this is quite nice overall. I don't know about the lighting though... the shadow in the foreground gives it almost sinister, spooky quality. Juxtaposed with such bright, cheerful expressions I don't think it gets the right vibe across.

This brings me to the main issue: because of the lighting and center positioning, the people in the background become the centerpiece and they aren't fitting. The one with the glasses is my main problem. Her expression just throws me off completely... talk about a fish out of water (in fact, I feel this image would be much better if she wasn't there at all). The background is also a bit hard to distinguish to begin with. For all I know this could be inside a spaceship. For technique I would give it a 9/10. Concept-wise a 6/10. Overall, I would say either change the lighting or change the glasses chick. it has the potential to be great, so keep at it!

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